Jay Waggoner

Jay Waggoner, a native of Fremont, Ohio, received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Ohio Northern University and a Master of Arts in Math Education from Bowling Green State University. Jay spent his entire 39-year career teaching at Shawnee Local Schools, near Lima, Ohio. Though he started at the junior high level, he soon moved to the high school level where, at one time or another, he taught every math course ever offered at Shawnee, including AP Calculus, which he taught for the last thirty years of his career. Now retired from teaching, he picks up spending money for vacations by selling used books on eBay and AbeBooks . . . and writing puzzle books. With the used books, he hopes to sell them for more than he paid for them. With the puzzle books, he hopes to either help many learn or relearn math and eventually wishes to make math a mainstream recreational activity. That goal will have been attained when John (or Joan) Q. The public sees the license plate – MW1331, and thinks: “My Word, eleven cubed.”

Matt Lora

Matt Lora, a native of Avon Lake, Ohio, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education in 2000 from Bluffton College (previously named) and later received his Masters of Education with a Technology Endorsement in 2006 from the Bluffton University (current name). Matt is in his tenth year of teaching, the last nine of which have been at Shawnee High School, near Lima, Ohio. Matt exhibits a passion for knowing what is happening in the past and present in the sports realm and enjoys blending inspirational and funny quotations from athletic icons with algebra topics to make creative worksheets. When Matt is not exercising his brain to make enrichment activities, one can find him playing a lot of basketball, where at age 31 he is still able to dunk the basketball. Time will tell if his vertical leap will diminish linearly or exponentially.

Meagan Skerchock

Meagan Skerchock, a native of Burlington, Kentucky, is currently attending Full Sail University in Orlando. There she is studying film and filmmaking. In her free time, Meagan enjoys reading, writing, drawing and exploring new types of music. Though she greatly enjoys art and film, she frequently misses the mind-boggling mysteries of mathematics. Drawing has always been a passion; she loves doing illustrations and portraits. Meagan graduated from Shawnee High School in the year 2008 and has had the pleasure of studying calculus under Jay Waggoner. Of course, Matt Lora was always there to add the ever-needed mathematical trivia. Subsequent to her graduation from Full Sail in 2011, Meagan hopes to intern with various production companies and explore the different job opportunities within the film industry. She hopes to find a job working as a digital effects artist or possibly part of an on-set lighting crew.

Eric Croyle

Eric Croyle grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio, where he attended middle and high school. Upon graduation from high school, Eric attended Bowling Green State University for one year, and then later transferred to Bluffton University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education. While at Bluffton, Eric played basketball and met his future wife. Eric student taught for Matt Lora at Shawnee High School, where he eventually landed a job as a math teacher. He has an extensive background in self-taught computer programming. While only taking a few basic classes, Eric has learned the skills necessary for intermediate to advanced programming in a handful of languages through countless hours (and mistakes) at a computer screen. Finally, after the nearly infinite hours, Eric was able to put his skills to the test by designing many aspects of the original Value Added Publishing website, which can be viewed here.